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You don't turn someone bi. They either are bi or they are not. It's not possible to change sexual orientation.

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Q: How do you turn your best friend bisexual you are both guys?
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You want to be a bisexual at 14 is that normal?

Yep. I have a bisexual friend who's 14. She goes after both girls and guys. I think it's okay :)

Your friend like guys is he gay?

If he likes guys, he is gay or at least bisexual.

What do you do if you have always been interested in guys but like making out with girls?

Well just enjoy the best of both worlds, it is called being bisexual. Well just enjoy the best of both worlds, it is called being bisexual.

Are guys considered gay when they like both genders?

No, bisexual

If you like guys and girls are you gay?

No. A person who enjoys sex with both guys and girls is bisexual.

How do you get hard for both girls and guys if you're gay?

No, you get erections for both if you're bisexual He/She didn't say he/she was bisexual, but gay. So my answer is "Think about IT."

Can bisexual guys have babies?

Guys can never have babies despite what you may hear in the media; so a guy can not get another guy pregnant. Bisexual means the guy likes both guys and girls and he can get the girl pregnant.

Does your best friend who is bisexual really like you who is also bisexual girl after you guys have a night of playing or did she use you becuz she also likes another guy?

Well that is a good question I think she was just looking for a good time. But that's just me.

If someone is staring at you and is your friends sister and she stares at you when you are not looking and she bisexual what does this mean?

Bisexual means that your friend's sister is interested in both girls and guys. This is a social choice and not related to being gay. It's obvious she is interested in you, but be wise and don't get mixed up in it.

What do you call a guy that like guys and girls?

Bisexual. The same word applies to a girl that likes both girls and guys.

How do you spell the word by as in liking both girls and guys?

The slang term is bi, meaning bisexual.

What does bi mean in teen talk?

Bisexual. Meaning they like both guys and girls. It's the same for both genders.