How do you turn on a guys through text?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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To turn a guy on through text you can tell him what you are wearing, or not wearing.

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Q: How do you turn on a guys through text?
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How do guys flirt through text?

I might put kisses in the text at the end.

How do you turn a teenage guy on with a text?

it depends on the guy. most guys will respond to erotic sexual comments such as 'my phone is on vibrate between my legs, and each time you text..,' etc.. guys would usually get turned on, when a female is turned on.

How can you tell a guys actually interested in you through text?

You can tell a guy is interested in you if actually says he likes you or wants to go out

How do you know if a boy actually likes you through his text messages but you guys never met?

You can tell if a boy likes you through his text messages by the things he says and the questions he asks. If he seems interested to know more about you, he may like you.

How long do guys take to text you?

for me? I depends on the boy. This one boy takes FOREVER but then other guys text pretty fast.

How do you switchoff the friends mobiles through Message?

There is actually a text message that can do this. I'd search Google for something like "turn off virus text message".

What should girls text guys?

i love you

Do guys text more than girls?


People who text 4 in the morning do they like you?

Sometimes guys text girls pretty early in the morning just to see who will text back. But I could be wrong. Some guys will text girls that early and only her because he likes her.

When a guys says you can text me later if you want do guys actually mean what they say?


Why cant guys understand what a girl wants?

Because girls don't effectively communicate, and now a days the only ways they know how to is through text messaging...If I were you i'd look for one that doesn't HAVE to text to be honest...

You texted this guy that you like but he doesnt text back?

Quit texting him all the time, he's too busy to text you back right now. The number one turn off for guys is when the girl is a needy fine young woman.Source: I am a guy.