How do you touch things?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Put your finger on the screen ... and swipe and stuff

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Q: How do you touch things?
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Should you touch the things that are on the roads?

It is probably best not to touch things on the roads.

Is there an ipod touch or iPhone app to weigh things on the screen?

No, there is presently not an app for the ipod touch to weigh things on its screen.

What are things you touch?

You dont touch anything because of atoms Atoms have trouble touching if they touch they explode They can share electrons though but they dont touch

What do we use to touch things?

Mainly our hands, but potentially any part of the body. We can also use tools when it is not safe to touch things directly.

How can you start a sentence with ''I touch'' and finish it with something that rhmes with sings?

I touch a number of things

What things can we see but not touch?

Future. You can see your future but you can't touch it.

Spheres in Pokemon Diamond?

Spheres in Pokemon diamond are found underground. Go underground using the explorer kit, touch the touch screen and look at the some shinning things(this means there is a sphere or treasure), if you're near the shinning things, touch the touch screen and you will see were they are located (they are still shinning things but you can see them in the touch screen), then go in front of them then press A.

What can a iPod nano touch do?

lots of things

How do you get things to get on your IPod Touch that you downloaded?


Can you print things from an ipod touch?


What are things you can touch in Venezuela?

pearls and flowers

What's not rotation?

Its not revolution.Its not things you touch.