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Well, that depends on how you feel about the relationship. A promise ring generally symbolizes a loving commitment for each other with hopes of becoming engaged to get married someday. If you don't feel like you're reading to commit to your boyfriend with hopes of a longlasting relationship, you should let him know. You could say something like, "Thank you. The ring is lovely, but I don't think I'm ready to commit to a deep relationship." But if you're in love and wish to pursue a future with him, simply tell him "Thank you! I love it. And I love you."

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no!! because they think it isn't cool to wear rings like us women do...

unless it's a wedding ring.

actually i think it all depends on that guy you want to give the promise ring too. If u feel comfortable enough to give him one then go for it!!

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Don't force him into it but tell him you need something to live for and that he is very lucky to have you. Over a few weeks slowly bring up the future about how you would like a puppy someday or how you love how a family eats together and see how he responds to it then bring up how a promise ring is something you have always wanted.

Hope that helps

:) Good luck!

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Very easy, leave him. Since this is in teen dating, I'm guessing you are both teenagers. Teenage boys are very often immature and don't know what they want, and if they cheat once, they will probably do it again. That promise ring is just a material thing, which he most likely had no real intention on it being a committed relationship, and there is no guarantee that he wont give one to another girl. You deserve better.

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Q: How do you tell youur boyfriend you want a promise ring?
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should boyfriend have to talk to the father about giving his daughter a promise ring?

For a promise ring, I don't think so. An engagement ring I believe is the only ring you tell your father about or get the boyfriend to ask your father for your hand, as it is tradition but this doesn't have to be done. In the end it is down to how you feel about it, does he need to know, do you want him to know?Unless it's a promise ring that determines whether it's future marriage or something like that then yeah. (Well that's if in your family you have to ask the parents permission for someone's hand in marriage.) However, if it's something like do you promise not to cheat on me? Or 'I promise to always love you'. Then you don't need permission really. It all depends on the purpose of the promise ring.

How do you tell your mom you have a crush on a boy without her getting mad because she thinks liking a boy can hold you back in school and stuff like that?

if youu wanna tell youur mom youu likee someonee then dont hold bacck. if youu like someone then you like someone. tell your mom that you will promise to keeep up youur grade and all thaat. youur mom will probably understand, remember, she was a teenager once to(;

What should you do if you have been dating a guy for 1 year but you are in love with someone else He has given me a promise ring and I'm scared if I break up with him I will regret it?

If you are in a relationship with someone who has given you a promise ring, but you are in love with with someone else, you should be honest and tell your boyfriend how you feel. You will need t think a lot about your real feelings before making any decision.

How do you get your boyfriend to get you a promise ring?

Maybe the two of you could go to a jewelry store while you're on a date, and you could just try on some rings in front of him, for fun. If he's like my boyfriend he takes hints well, and will just buy it for you, or offer to.

When your boyfriend asked you what you wanted for Christmas should you tell him a promise ring?

By all means! The male of the species is still essentially a caveman. He works quite well with the "kill this, pay that" type of scenario. He is not good with intuitive work..which is what a gift is all about. Tell him! But be sure that you and he are at that level; otherwise, you've just lost your boyfriend.Just a hint...tell him your ring size too. It would be a shame to get it, but it not fit.

What do you get your 14 year old boyfriend for christmas. he's cool and surfy and i really don't know what to get him because he means a lot?

hmm..well, if i were you, i would get him something like, a promise ring, or give him a kiss and tell him you love him. something romantic.

As a 1 year present to give your girlfriend a promise ring?

Yes, it is a sweet gesture and she will love it. Tell her its a promise ring. If she thinks you want to marry her and you two are still in school or something or still teenagers, she may freak out a little. And also a promise ring is to be worn on the middle finger on the left hand. So make sure you get the right size!!

What to get a lesbian girlfriend for Christmas. We are both 15 and been together nearly a year. Please help.?

Get her a promise ring. A nice sterling silver one. Tell her that 'this is a promise from my heart to yours that i am committed and some day i want to marry you' but make it clear its a promise and not an engagement ring hope this helps.

Dropping a ring from old boyfriend 2 times in same spot?

It doesnt mean anything. It could mean that your boyfriend is dead and he is trying to tell you to take that ring off and find someone else... maybe idk :)

Can i move on from a boy that has did you wrong but how?

Tell him you don't want to see him any more, and tell him why. Then don't believe any promises. move on if you can! tell em like ciara did...[you broke the promise ring].

What is the ISBN of Promise Not to Tell?

The ISBN of Promise Not to Tell is 978-0061143311.