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Tricky one - but to be honest just tell him. Yeah it can be a bit embarrassing but he'll understand. Something like "Dad - don't get embarrassed but I need to buy (you to buy me) some pads !" The first time you tell him will be a bit awkward - especially as daddy will suddenly realise his little girl is growing up ! (Oh no - where have the years gone !) Just be straight with him - as I said, the first time will be a bit weird - but the next time will be easier.

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Q: How do you tell your dad you have got your period?
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How tell your dad you got your period?

Tell him you are having some girl problems and tell him it is the thing that comes monthly. I think he will get the hint. If he still doesn't understand, straight up tell him. Say "I got my period. Okay?" Then walk away.

I have a Difficult relationship with my parents how do I tell them I got my period?

Pull them aside and say, "Mom/Dad, i need to tell you something and it's really important about me." they may think oh no she's hooked on drugs or oh no what did she do now!!!!. it will get their attention. then, when you're alone, say, "mom/dad, i am a woman now." moms will know what you are talking about most of the time. "i got my period." then take it from there.

How do you tell your parents you got your period?

just tell them i got my period i saw it it was red i think it was blood. it's easy

How can you tell your dad that you got your belly button pierced?

just dont tell him

How do you tell your dad you have started your period?

1. U find a moment with him alone or 2. U could have a friend over to help Then u ask for example; 1. Dad? I have something to say... well.... I got my period, And i really didn't know how to say that 2. Dad? Im not sure how to say it but.... (Take a deep breath) I got my period Remember: Every dad know's that their daughter are going to get there period one time and u don't need to be that scared or if u have a older sister maybe she could help...

How do you tell your parent you got your period?

Tell them you got your period for the first time. Simple as that (y) It happens to every girl and is as normal as getting sick or whatever

You live with your dad and this is your second time you had your period but you're too shy you can't tell him What should you do?

You should honestly let your dad know. Write him a note if you're to scared to tell him to his face. But he's your dad, you should tell him.

Tell me about a difficult issue you had to communicate?

A difficult issue? That's a bit generic... Well, I had to tell my dad I was pregnant (My mom left when I was five) And then I had to tell him it died. I also had to tell him when I got my period... Very difficult to communicate. Then there's the time I failed a class... that was hard to talk about, too.

How can you tell if you got your period without looking in your underwear?


How do you tell to teacher got my period?

If you need to tell your teacher that you have your period all you do is take them to one side and say 'Sir/Miss I have my period' - it's that simple.

If you are a boy who gets erections from his dads genitals should you tell him?

You mean - you accidently saw your dad's penis & got an erection? You probably shouldn't tell him that you got aroused by seeing his penis. If your dad is exposing himself to you, or touching you with his penis, he should be reported.

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Tell his mom and dad that you arent the reason he got grounded, so don't ground him from you.