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Tell him the truth. If he loves you, he will forgive you. If he doesnt forgive you, he is a bad bf and you should break up.

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Q: How do you tell your boyfriend that you lied about having your license?
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How do you tell your boyfriend you lied about your education?

Sit down with him & tell him that you've lied about something; then tell him you lied about your schooling.

How do you tell online boyfriend you lied?

Be straightforward. Tell him you lied & then explain why you felt the need to do it.

Should you break up with your boyfriend is he occasionally lies to you?

yes because he lied to you and he didnt tell u the right thing he lied if my boyfriend lied to me i would spat him

If your mum had a horrible boyfriend and she lied to you what do you do?

Stop whining about her boyfriend, be mature, & explain how you feel about the situation. Have a serious talk. Don't shout & don't tell her how to feel about her boyfriend. Communicate & express how you feel. Tell her it hurt you when she lied to you.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you lied about your age?

Be straightforward. Just sit him down & explain that you lied about your age, tell him how old you really are, & explain why you felt the need to lie to him.

How do you tell your friend you lied to her about having a boyfriend when you actually don't?

You could either come clean or fake getting dumped. It would be easier to get dumped than pretend to dump him because you won't get so much sympathy.

You lied to your mom sayin you dont have a boyfriend but you really do have a boyfriend how could you tell with her out gettin mad?

You don't have to tell her right away. Give it time to see if you're really interested in the guy before making such a decision.

What should I do I lied to my boyfriend about my past of being abused and relationships that never took place?

You should come clean, and also tell him why you lied...relationships that are based on lies never survives.. Good luck

Do you have to tell your parents about having a boyfriend?

If you're a good daughter, you have

How do you tell your boyfriend you're transgender?

Try having sex with him...

How do you know if a girl likes you even though she lied to you about having a boyfriend?

you also tell her in the same that you've one girl more pretty n lovable then her & see her reaction and repeat this things later. truth'll come through her mouth .

What to do if your boyfriend just found out all your lies?

Tell him more of the truth and why you lied. Tell him to his face, "I will change and in a good way. For give me or not, I will still do better." This is just what I would say.