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It is just puppy love you don't love you like her and if you tell her "I love you" she will be freaked out! If you still want to tell her you I would just smile at her and talk to her trust me it works im a girl that's what i would want a boy to do to me

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2011-09-12 22:32:07
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Q: How do you tell your 5th grade crush you love her?
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How do you tell your crush that you like them without actually telling them for people in 5th grade?

Just have your most trustworthy friend tell him or pass a note or txt him.

What happens if a 4th grade girl has a crush on a 5th grade boy?

talk to him. you have nothing to loose. but dont tell him on the last day of school you will never see him again. trust me....

Secret crush in your 5th grade class what should you do?

Talk to your crush and see if they like you if they do tell them that you like them and roll with it , or you can hang out with your secret crush and after a few months later you will find out they like you another thing you could do with your crush is be nice to them then they will like you. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

How does a 5th grade boy propose a 5th grade girl?

look i am a 5th grade girl so i know a lot about girls. no affense but i think that 5th grade is not a grade for dating but if you really like the girl then i think that you should tell her how you feel but do not be dramatic about it if i where in your situation i would go up to her and say i have a crush on you and if she says she likes you then ask her out but if she says no then give up it happens all the time just move on

Who do you love right now?

Jayce Condgon (10yrs. 5th grade.) I'm in 5th grade.

What should you do if you had a crush on of your best friend once in 1st grade but now you like someone else and she does to and now you are in the same 5th grade class and you are falling in love?

No offense, but it is really unlikely that you are falling in love in 5th grade. If you like them, just let it go with the flow. But, really, you are in elementary can fall in love at any age for boys they usally start falling in love around 11 with girls around 10

How do you get a 4th grade girl friend?

You have to be nice and tell her in 5th grade?

What to do if you have a crush on a girl in 5th grade?

For kids who are in Elementry school and are in love try to act cool and don't say anything stupid or that person will hate you even more!

What should you get your 5th grade crush for valentine's day?

Don't send love letters or make it noticeable that you like them (that will embarrassing) just stay with the normal cards and candy.

What happens if you've had a crush on someone and you both knew it but didn't tell each other and now you don't know if the other person still likes you?

its this boy in 6th grade that keep looking at my but..and im in 5th grade

Who do you get 7th grade girl to love a 5th grade boy?

you dont you sicko

How do you tell if a guy likes you in 5th grade?

you dont

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