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You may notice a clear substance, called discharge, on your underwear. That's one sign. Another is breast development and hair under your arms or your bikini line. But it doesn't mean you have to have hair in those places before you get your period. I didn't start getting underarm hair until well after I got my period.

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Q: How do you tell when your period is coming?
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How can you tell if a period is coming?

there will be signs like your body will ache for about 1 month and you will get sudden mood swings

You got all the symptoms before period coming but at that day onwords no symptoms and result is negative?

tell me all symptoms before getting your period?

Im getting period pains but havint come on yet what does this mean?

Hate to tell you honey but this means your period will be coming your just begginning to PMS.

Can you only spot while on your period?

I don't know what you mean by that but if you mean can you only tell your period is when it is on then no because you can tell it's coming 28 days after the last one between 28 and 33 days.

How can you tell when a weather change is coming?

how can you tell when a weather change is coming

How can you tell if your period is coming?

it varies because it depends on your body if u don't experience any pain durin ur period then you mite not be able to tell when it is near .If u do experience pain during (like i do) my stomach hurts then i realize it is near

Is there a way to tell when your period is coming for the month?

Yes. Keep track of when your periods start and end on a calendar. When you have enough data you can predict when it will come.

How can you tell Im pregnant if im still having your period and pregnancy test are negative?

If you are on your period and u take a pregnancy test and its negative maybe you tested too early, your not pregnant or your eggs aren't coming together fast enough to tell if your pregnant or not .

Spotting and no period?

your period is probably coming soon

Is cramping before your period a sign of pregnancy or of your period coming soon?

It's a sign of your period coming soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

How can you get your mom to take you to the gynecologist without telling her why?

Tell her that your period is incredibly heavy and that it is embarrassing because you do not know when it is coming so you bleed at school and then your classmates tease you.

Is cramping a sign of your period coming soon or of pregnancy?

Most likely it's because your period is coming soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test