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You can tell when there are orange dots on their back tail.

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Q: How do you tell when an African cichlid is pregnant?
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How do you tell difference between male and female African cichlids?

There are hundreds if not thousands of African cichlid species and different species all have different sexual dimorphisms.

How do you tell if a convict cichlid is pregnant?

If you are sure you have a female, she will have something sticking out from under her when she is about to lay eggs. Its small so you have to look closely.

What temperature should a African cichlid tank be?


Where do the cichlid live?

So. Amer. Cichlid lives in South Amrica and African Cichlids live in lake malawi in africa

What kind of fish can go in the same aquarium as a Jewel cichlid?

As long as you put in African cichlids with them it should be okay. If you put a south American cichlid, with a African cichlid, they might attack each other because they are not from the same area of the world, and they have never seen them before.

What size tank does a pregnant cichlid need?

All Cichlids are egg layers and so don't get pregnant.

Can a frontosa breed with African chiclids?

A Frontosa is an African Cichlid, Lake Malawi I believe. I have heard of hybrids bu have never personally observed any. I would say it is possible for them to breed with other cichlid types.

Can you put convict fish with African cichlids?

they should go together depending on what africans you have and how big they are. i have a convict female south american cichlid and a jewel male african cichlid that laid eggs and now have fry.

How can you tell if an african dwarf frog is pregnant?

it probably will get really fat

Can you cross breed African cichlid?

you can just turn it naked get a hot girl which is naked and snog her

How big do African cichlids grow?

It depends what type of cichlid they are. They grow all different sizes

How do you tell if your African dwarf frog is pregnant?

They don't get pregnant, They just get fat. The female lays eggs and the male fertilizes them