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Q: How do you tell the difference between a marble fireplace and a slate fireplace?
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What properties of slate do you think would make it useful as a lining for fireplaces?

Because it contains marble....................I think?

What ingredients are in a rock?

a rock is made up of 2 or more minerals. a few minerals are granite, marble, limestone, slate, schist, feldspar, and about 4000 more

What is found on top of coal slate or shale?

== == == == == == The cap rock on a coal bed is usually a sedimentary rock, (i.e. shale sandstone etc.) but not always shale. Slate is a metamorphic rock, usually derived from shale that has been exposed to high pressures and temperatures over very long periods of time. Ways to tell the difference between slate and shale: Slate will have a smooth surface, and possible have light glare at a right angle. Shale will have a dull, sandy surface. Tap them against something hard. Slate will make a "clink" noise, almost like porcelain or ceramic, where shale will make a "thud" sound. Rub it against your teeth. Slate will be smooth, shale will be gritty. == == == ==

What is the chemical formula for slate?

There is no specific or universal chemical formula for slate, because slate is formed up of various amounts of varying types of rock such as:QuartzMuscoviteIlliteBiotiteChloriteHematitePyriteApatiteGraphiteKaolinMagnetiteTourmalineZirconFeldsparIn some locations, such as the mountains of Wales, slate also contains iron.Because of the range of diversity of which slate is formed from - there is no universally accurate formula for slate in general.

Is slate grey the same as graphite grey color?

Slate varies in color, but gray is one of the more common colors. Graphite can easily be distinguished from slate by its color. Slate has a dull luster while graphite appears metallic.

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What are two useful metamorphic rock?

Marble and slate

Which might be more useful for carving chess pieces-marble or slate?

marble is better for chess pieces

Is marble formed from limestone and slate?

Yes, Marble is formed from Limestone, but not Slate.

What weathers faster marble or slate?

It depends on the marble and the slate, Vermont marble erodes faster than Maine slate, for example. Vermont marble is more often used in interior work. Maine slate is ideal for roofing.

Slate and marble are examples of what kind of rock family?

Slate and Marble are metamorphic rocks. Slate's parent rock is shale and Marble's parent rock is limestone.

What is a marble and slate?

MARBLE: In the town of PORTSOY on the Moray Firth, Scotland. SLATE: In the village of BALLACHULISH in the county of Inverness, Scotland.

Can you use slate cleaner on marble?

With all the research I have done, I am pretty sure that you can use slate cleaner on marble.

What are slate and marble and example of?


List some ways in which marble and slate are economically important What do you use them for?

Marble and slate are both used by humans in buildings. Marble is used to make a number of items such as flooring and countertops. Slate is used primarily for roofing shingles.

What is the difference between slate and phyllite?

The degree of metamorphism. Phyllite is slate further metamorphosed.

Where can I buy a slate fireplace online?

There are not many retailers for slate fireplace, most give intruction how to assemble or they sale slate to be applied. One website that may be helpful with different style fireplaces and the websites that offer them is .

Is marble or slate white?

Only approximately.