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When they are old enough, (I'm not sure exactly how old, but it's around a year or a couple months) Look at their necks. A male will have a blue neck, and a female a green one.

Also, check out the color of the feathers. The male is metallic green with purple underparts, and the female is mostly browns, tans, and whites.

Also you can tell by the color of the crest. The female's is brown at the top, while the male's is a color of his body. The stubble of the ctrest starts at four weeks and it's finished at five months.

Oh, and when a peafowl is around three, maybe younger or older, check if they are growning feathers out of their lower back, above the tail. If they are, this is a train. Only males have the train. If it is a boy, it will have a train. The train is finished at six years.

Hope this helps, but I'm sorry you have to wait a while to figure it out! ^^

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Q: How do you tell the difference between a male and a female baby peafowl?
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