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Top of receiver marked "AL", "ABL" is 30-06, serial # in Arabic & seal of Egypt 7.92(8mm Mauser), seal of Argentina 7.65, seal of Venezuela 7m/m, 7m/m Mauser. Anymore questions on the FN49, please email me.

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Q: How do you tell the cartridge for fabrique national fn 49 rifle?
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Fabrique national d armes de guerre herstal belgique brownings patent depose ser 40656 can you tell me anything about it?

Please tell us what the model of gun is

What rifle uses p s 8 1?

Assuming you have a cartridge with PS 81 on the back- all I can say is that it is a military cartridge, made in 1981. The PS code was used by 4 different countries, so can't really tell what cartridge that is.

How do you tell if rifle is rim or center fire?

Center fire- the firing pin is placed to strike the center of the cartridge. Rim fire- as the name implies- firing pin strikes the very edge of the rear of the cartridge- the rim.

What is a rifle with terni 1877 on it?

Well, we CAN tell you that it is Italian, and lkely a military rifle- since Terni was the national Armory for Italy. Beyond that, we need some description.

How do you tell the calibre of a model 98 Mauser?

The 98 models (Gewehr 98 and Karabiner 98) were all manufactured in 7.92x57. Some K98 carbines were later rechambered for the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge, but these are visibly marked as such. Somewhere on the rifle (usually on the underside of the barrel), there will be an importer's mark, which will identify the importer, country of manufacture, and cartridge the rifle is chambered for.

Need replacement part a follower for a magazine fn herstal pistol 20 rounds?

We can't really guess- your pistol was made by Fabrique National in Herstal Belgium- but you did not tell us the model or caliber.

Fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre herstal belgique browning s patent depose 203144 can anyone tell me where to find out more about the gun and its value?

I own a .22 Brownings rifle . Made by Fabrique Nationale. I am attenpting to resore it. The tube that goes through the stock for feeding rounds into the chamber does not retain the ammo rounds. It is a tube with a spring inside. What prevents the rounds from shooting out before inserting the tube back into the rifle. Anny info will be much 1127169@

Can any one tell me anything about a falcon 303 bolt action rifle country year etc.?

sorry- not a lot of information out there. ONE answer may be a cartridge from the 1930s, known as the 303/22 Falcon. Found in Australia and Canada, it was a cartridge created by necking the standard .303 Enfield cartridge down to a .224 bullet.

What is the history on a Terni KP1108 rifle?

Terni was the national armory of Italy- you likely have an Italian Carcano military rifle- but we can't tell you more without more information. Sorry-

Could you tell me abot the 7.62x54 rifle ammo?

Properly called the 7.62x54R, it is a (as the name says) a 7.62mm bullet, in a cartridge case 54mm long, and has a rim (letter R). Created in Russia and placed in use in 1891, it is the oldest military cartridge still in use by the military. If you search for "7.62x54R wikipedia", there is a good article on the cartridge. Power range is similar to the American 30-06 cartridge, but does not interchange with it.

How do you tell the difference between 7mm mauser and 8mm mauser?

The 7mm is a smaller cartridge. If your rifle is not marked with the caliber, have it examined by a gunsmith. They may make a casting of the chamber using a material called Cerro-Safe. The casting is measured with a micrometer to determine exactly which cartridge it is chambered for.

Can someone tell anything about a Fabrique national d armes de guerre herstal belgique brownings patent depose ser no 561927 it is a 25 auto cal?

yes it is a .25 auto, pocket pistol, does it have any markings on it?