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playfully be real sweet...and in a playful voice be like "im not talkin to yah..why did you have to do....(dot dot dot)" fill in the blanks just show that ur bein playful and than slowly get into a serious tone...than at the end remind them that everything is ok and you still love them...if you don't practice now than how will u gain each others trust

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Q: How do you tell someone your upset with them but yet you still love them without hurting their feelings?
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How do you tell your guy friend that you do not have anymore romantic feelings for then who now has feelings for you without hurting his feelings?

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

Why do friends still my friends but won't say they did and don't know their hurting my feelings?

Well if they don't know that they are hurting your feelings than they don't really know you that well. Maybe you should tell them.

What is the best way of saying no to someone you like without hurting them?

just tell them look maybe me and you didnt work out but we can still be friends

If I loved someone with out hurting her I lost her contack and she lost me I got her got married does she love's still?

if she has the same feelings about youthen yeah she'll still love you.but if your love is gone you need to talk toher about it !!

How can you truly forgive someone for hurting you be their friend even though you still have feelings for this person?

It takes a lot of courage to forgive someone especially if you have feelings for them but you should think deeply and decide if you want to b their friend or if you want to be bitter and hate them forever it's your choice.Hope this helpsSmileyshaza

How do you break up with some one who was and is still your friend?

What is best is to just to stop talking to them ,without a word and just walk away so that way your friend can get your message straight ,without hurting their feelings with words,but its still going to hurt them either way .

You and your girlfriend broke up and you are still friends a week later you asked a girl out and you really like her how do you tell your ex without hurting her?

Yes, I am sorry to have to tell you that you will not be able to go through life without getting hurt or without hurting someone. It's part of the game. Yes, because we know what "hurt" feels like, we hesitate to inflict hurt on someone else. I understand those feelings. May I suggest that after you broke up with your ex-girlfriend and, even though you have a kind heart, you stop seeing her.

How do you know if she still have feelings for me?

It depends. What happened for you to separate? Without knowing that, it is impossible to determine if someone still has feelings for a boy. If you betrayed her, I think it is possible that she may like you but things will never be the same. It really depends on the case.

What if she has feelings for someone else?

Then let her know of these feelings, if she still insists her feelings for another person, let her have him.

What should you do if you know you love someone and they still have feelings for their ex?

decide if the feelings they have for the ex are bigger then the feelings they have for you. Everyone always has feelings for their ex - good or bad - so when you hook up with someone you just have to be sure that their feelings for you are stronger.

What should i do when i dont want to lose somebody who loves me but i dont love him?

If you don't want to lose someone who loves you, but you don't love them you should be honest about your feelings. You can still have someone in your life without being in love with them.

How would you ask your ex what his feelings are for you without sounding like an idiot?

simple just ask do u still have feelings for me...