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To show someone you care about them, give them a gift or two, or do something special for them

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2009-04-20 02:47:13
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Q: How do you tell someone that you really care about them?
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If you break up with someone the second time should you write them and tell them you still care?

Don't tell them anything that isn't honest and how you are really feeling. do you really still care?

How do you tell someone you really love them?

show to them your care and their importance of having them in your life. Tell them that you were thankful that God have given you a person who are like them.

How does someone tell their friend that they are a recovering Anorexic?

If they really care about you they will understand and want to help you. Good luck!

What if you are depressed and you tell someone but they dont really care what do you do?

If they care or not it won't change a thing. It is a problem you need to solve yourself. It isn't easy.

How can you tell if your friends really care about you?

They don't.

Is it true if you dream about someone they really care for you?


How do you let go of someone you really care for?

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How do you tell you boyfriend you need him to stay?

Tell him that you love him and you really care about him

What can you do to show a guy you really care about them?

well how to show a guy you really care about them tell them how you really feel about them and maybe they will understand.. newtest3

How can you tell when you're crushing on someone?

You are sometimes shy of this particular person.You may also feel attracted to this person and really begin to care about him or her.

Why do you say you love someone?

well when you really care about someone when you are older you will know how it feels. then you will really care about them and love them. loving someone means to risk everything for them and go to the end of the world for them.

What good things do you say to someone that you care about to let them know that you care a lot about them?

tell them that...that you care about them Answer You can tell them how special they are to you, that you really care a lot about them (love them, love them a lot, etc.), I love spending time with you, I'm happy you are in my life, my life is so much better because you are a part of it. Things like that.

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