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Try asking him.

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Q: How do you tell if you scared of a guy you like?
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How do you tell your guy friend you like him but your to scared?

you ask somebody you know to tell him or act like you like him and make him notice!

How do you tell my crush you like him when your super scared too?

just tell him i mean i am a guy so i should know

You like this guy should you tell him that you like him?

It depends on the boy. If you think that the boy may like you back try talking to him. He may like you, but be to scared to tell you.

What does a guy mean when he says yeah i like you?

Maybe he is scared to ask you out, so tell him your real feelings!

What do you say if the guy you like asks you if you like him or not?

As a guy i would tell them because honesty is the best policy, and if he asked that then he obviously likes you, and he will be scared away if you say no

What should you do if your best guy friend likes you but you don't like him and this other guy likes you and you like him and now the other guy is mad at you?

Just tell him like it is don't be scared. You sound young so just tell him that you want to be friends and that is all.

How do you get a guy that your scared to talk to to like you?

When you have a guy you like and are scared to go up to him just go and become his friend and that is when you will see if he really like you and if you really like him

What should you do if you know the guy you like likes you and you like him?

Well, what you do is ask him out just say, "do you like me its ok you can tell me because I like you too." If your to scared tell him ask your friends what to say to him for you and they can let him know that you like him.

I like this guy but i am scared to tell him what should i do?

Well you could simply tell him or wait that's it..... but dont wait to long ...................................................he might be gone before you know it

What happens if your scared to tell your crush you like him?

okay if your scared to tell your crush that you like him this is what you should do1.make sure he's not a kind of guy that gossips a lot (if he that kind of guy, sorry you can't tell him)2.think of a good time to tell him you like him.3.say this "hey can i talk to you about something (if he's with friends then say "i need to talk to you alone")4. Have the courage to say "i like you" to him5.GOOD LUCK!!!!!

What do i do if a guy tells you he likes you but you are to scared to tell him you like him back?

If you think that you like him write him a letter but don't make it a mushy one or he might freak out.

Why does a guy you like doesn't talk to you but he talks to your friend about you?

might be scared might be scared might be scared

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