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well,you can tell if a girl is interested by paying attention to how she acts around you, and how she acts when you're not there.

if a girl likes you then she'll be a bit nervous around with her hair and pay attention to her looks.she'll smile if you look at her and then look away,still having the smile on her face and if you keep looking,she'll peek at you and then laugh!

and if she's funny,she'll try to be even more funny when you're there!

frankly,you can tell if a girl is interested by simply looking at her!

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Q: How do you tell if a girl is interested?
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How does a girl tell another girl she's interested?

Say, I love you.

How do you get a girl when she is not interested but bit playful?

Tell her how you feel.

Do you think she's interested in me?

There is not a way to tell if the girl is interested in you. The only thing you can do is ask her.

How can you tell if a girl is interested in a boy?

If you compliment her and you walk away. Then if she follows you to tell you somthing, she likes you.

How can you tell if a girl that rejected you likes you?

odds are if she rejected you shes not interested

How can you prevent a girl from hitting on you?

Ask her to stop. Tell her you're not interested in her.

How do you know if she is not interested?

Well being that I am a girl,I would say that she will either ignore you when she's near you or tell you that she is not interested in you. They won't notice you and/or tell you that your not the one for them.

How to tex a girl she's only one your interested in?

There is only one way to tell a girl you like her. You go up to her and tell her how you feel.

What to tell a girl you interested in?

Tell her you are interested in her. If you want to show it and build a real relationship though you should seek to spend time with her. Talk to her. Be a good guy for her.

How you know that this girl is interested in you?

It is hard to tell. Just tell that special someone about your feelings and they will let you know.

What to do when a girl is talking to you about your friend behind their back?

Tell her you're not interested in gossip.

How can you tell if a girl is interested or likes you?

kiss her and see what she does :Pno JKwell, you could try and look interested in her and see if she responds!