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If he rejected you he already knows you like him. No need to tell him again.

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Q: How do you tell a guy you like him after he rejected you?
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What do you do to get a guy to like you who you used to be mean to and fight with and who hates you now and has rejected me twice?

either that you tell him that you have changed....or get over him

How do you get a girl to like you after you rejected her?

Talk to her, and tell her that you are sorry, and that you do like her

Will the guy you like think that you don't like him when your friend tells him that you like him but you don't act like you do?

Ok this is snooki and no because i tried it and it didnt work i told Sammy to tell vinny and he rejected me so no

What could you do if the guy you've rejected before still tries to get at you?

Firmly tell him that you are not interested sorry and move on

How do you tell a guy that you like him more than just a friend?

just let him no.. just tell him..or flirt with him alot..chances are he lieks u the same way just doesnt want to get rejected by u

If you like someone do you tell him?

Only if you are confident with the fact that you may be rejected.

If you like a guy what do you do?

tell him

How do you let a guy know you like them without looking desperate?

i would suggest writing him a note because if you tell him, it might get akward and then you wont risk getting rejected face to face.

What is the best way you can tell a guy you like him?

tell him you like but when your alone

Should you try again for the same guy if he rejected you once?

take it from me ive been rejected by a guy more than once and now we are goin out. so if your friends tell you no dont do it and you really like this guy you should ask him again but dont over do it. if he says he needs to think about it give him a couple of days but always remember dont ask him every day : yes or no

What if you like a guy and he likes you back but you've already rejected him before?

there is always second chances.

Can a guy like you after he rejected you?

Of course he can. He might have even rejected you, not because he doesn't like you but maybe because there are some things stopping the relationship. If you have been rejected, make sure you find out why. Ask him. Communication is one of the most basic skills. (:

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