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A schematic is available at

Disassembly instructions should be available from Remington or the Gun Digest book of .22 rifle Assembly & Disassembly. Look for it on Amazon.

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Q: How do you take apart your Remington 511 rifle?
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Where can someone find out more about the Remington Score Master 22 rifle model 511?

Google Remington scoremaster model 511. Several websites have information on this .22 firearm.

How much is a Remington rifle model 511 scoremaster worth?

In Excellent to MINT (LIKE NEW) $150-200. They are an older inexpensive plinker.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Remington model 511 bolt action rifle?

The 511 is a very desirable 22 rifle, discontinued in 1962 or 63. If the rifel is in perfect condition, as new, and is a standard model, with the original Remington marked clip it is worth between $175 to $225. The value of used firearms is greatly dependent upon condition and the 511 is no exception. As the condition goes down so does the value. I have bought 511s in not so good shape just for parts at about $50. Ed

What is a Remington 511 worth?

50-200 USD depending on condition.

Where do you get parts for a Remington scoremaster model 511?


Where can you find a magazine for a Remington 511 scoremaster?

Brownells Montezuma, Iowa

How do you read Remington sportmaster512 serial number?

I don't believe the Remington 512, 511 or 510 have serial numbers

Parts for Remington scoremaster model 511 22 rifle?

Gun shop, gun shows, pawn shops, egunparts, want ad, for sale ad, garage sale, estate sale

Where do you get a parts diagram for a Remington 511?

Where can you get disassembly instructions for a 22Remington rifle Model 510?

you can try look up here: you should note that the Remington 500 series covered the 510, 511, 512, etc.........

A clip for a Remington 22 cal model 511-x?

Brownells Montezuma, Iowa

What is the value of your Remington score master model 511 20ga22cal?

50-250 USD

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