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go to the internet and type tag my pals or you've been tagged pick a tag and press add to facebook and you can tag it!

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Q: How do you tag people on Facebook?
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Funny pictures for facebook where you can tag people?

what you do is go on google and find pictures that you know people are like, and then you tag them from the facebook options.

Where can one learn how to tag people on Facebook?

It is easy to learn about how to tag people on Facebook. There is a helpful Facebook blog and also help pages useful on the relevant issue of tagging.

Can you tag people on facebook banners?

Yeah... You just tag them like a normal picture.

Can you tag people in posts on Facebook on an iPhone?


What does tag in Facebook mean?

you would tag people in a picture, say if theres you and a friend in a picture and you can select their face in the picture and tag them with their name.

What is Facebook SEO?

Facebook is for grownups where they see pictures of people and tag comments on their post

How do you tag someone on Facebook who doesn't have an account?

You can still tag people by tagging someone like normal and then typing their name.

How do you tag people as siblings on Facebook?

edit your profile. click "featured people" add relation

How can you tag people on facebook?

press @ and then type their name; e.g. @bob bobedy

Why do people tag your profile with shoes on facebook?

Shoe companies get people's passwords and advertise their shoes by tagging people in them

Can You Tag People On Facebook Through The Ipod?

You can't. I think that is very stupid and they need to fix it. They have had many updates on that but you still can't tag people on your status from your iPod. However, you could tag pictures.

How do you tag people in your Facebook status?

putt @(friend name) example @mark zu