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just compliment her a lot and b urself try droping hints about wat ur trying to sweet talk her to do(like mayb u want her to get into bed with u, or maybe u wat her to break up with her boyfriend and b ur girl) tell her shes the hottest girl u know or something like that, like shes so sexy or something. make her feel like shes all u think about and make her laugh then say wat u want clear out and b like " i would giv anything to hav the hottest and sexiest girl in the world as my girlfriend" something like that, wAtvr u do, dont just kiss her out if nowher, like i said, say ur so perfect together or something

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Q: How do you sweet talk a girl?
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How 2 get a girl 2 you?

Sweet talk her.

What do you do if a girl wants to fight you but when you go to the park she tries to talk to you and say that shes sorry for what she did do i forgive her?

dont let this girl try to sweet talk just move on or if u want her to sweet talk you then stay with her

What to do when a boy likes a girl that has a boyfriend?

try to sweet talk her and talk bad about the other guy

You like a girl that has a boyfriend what do you do?

try to sweet talk her and talk bad stuff about the other guy

How do you get to know a sweet girl?

err...u talk 2 her? :P

What does Ryan Sheckler look for in a girl?

he's looking for a girl that's sweet kind& is not afraid to talk to him

What does it mean when a girl says your sweet and all but we need to talk?

SHE MEANS...she needs help

How can you get someone to date you?

well you can sweet talk them and then ask them out if you are a guy but if you are a girl become friends then act sweet and cute they will probably kiss you

What to do when you call a girl?

Aww, how sweet. Try to talk about her and not that much about you unless she asks you. Talk about school and things you have in common. Just be yourself!

How do you get the girl you lost back?

just talk really sweet to her. :) and if that doesnt work, you should move on.

How do you get back the girl you lost?

just talk really sweet to her. :) and if that doesnt work, you should move on.

Do Justin bieber love Filipino's?

no he likes french girl because they talk so sweet and cute