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See your professional body piercer for guidance.

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Q: How do you stretch your ear lobes?
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Why do Africans stretch their ear lobes?

Coz for some its a tradition

Will faux plugs stretch your ear hole?

Yes, they technically will, depending on the faux plug that you get. Some Faux plugs are actually bigger than the mm of regular earrings. So yes, in a way faux plugs will stretch your ear lobes, will they stretch them any size that will prevent you from still having normal ear lobes? No, most faux plugs, if they are larger than a regular mm piercing, are less than 14g.

What happens when a person receives on alle for attached earlobes and one for unattached earlobes?

there one alle for free ear-lobes and another allele for attached if your gene for ear-lobes is made up of two alleles for free ear-lobes your ear-lobes are NOT attached and if you have two attache-ear-lobes alleles your ear-lobes are attached

How do you get gauges?

you stretch your lobes

Are unattached ear lobes better for stretching?

All lobes will stretch the same way. Its just that at larger sizes(1 inch +), attached lobes kinda tilt a little bit. I personally don't like that but hey, to each their own.

If both parents have detached ear lobes can they have a child with attached ear lobes?

Yes they can, because they could get the genes from a grandparent, or even farther back if they didn't have detached ear lobes.

Do dogs have ear lobes?


Some people have attached ear lobes and some people have free ear lobes. The differences in these traits are caused by?

diffrent genes you idiot

Can you tell if your parents are your parents by their ear lobes?


What do you call the ear lobes on a chicken?