How do you stretch out your ear hole?

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2011-01-18 21:03:40

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There are a few different methods.

For small sizes, you can just stretch using plugs. This is only for tiny stretches because it could cause tearing with larger gauges.

The most common way is using a taper. You do it after a hot shower and use some sort of lube, then insert the taper. Then you replace the taper with a plug.

For sizes 2ga and up, tapers aren't ideal for stretching and can be very hard to find. So, instead, you add layers of plumber's tape to your plug. You add 2-3 layers each week until you reach the next size.

You could also use weights. Weights aren't ideal because they create uneven holes because they thin out the bottom.

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2011-01-18 21:03:40
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Q: How do you stretch out your ear hole?
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