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iTunes only seems to change song info of mp3 tracks. Converting your songs to AAC format will stop it happening. You do it by going to: edit > select all, then: advanced > convert selection to AAC. If you have a lot of songs, it takes quite a while, and you'll have to convert any new songs you add too. Hope it works for you

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โˆ™ 2011-02-25 21:27:40
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Q: How do you stop itunes from automatically changing song names?
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How do you put songs from Miro onto Itunes?

If you are using a mac, go on Miro. Where the song is, to the right it should say 'show more' with an arrow pointing downwards. Click that. When the menu shows up, click 'show in finder.' Then it will show you the song in your drive, just drag it into Itunes. On a macbook, open Miro... Click Miro, Preferences, Folders, Change, Admin, (*CLICK THE ARROW ON THE FOLLOWING*) Music, iTunes, iTunes Media... Then click Automatically Add to iTunes, Open... and you're good! You're welcome. Peace

How do you pay for a song bought off iTunes?

You have an account in iTunes Store, and the downloaded song/album gets charged to your credit card.

Can you put mp3 files from mp3 fiesta into your iTunes library?

yes, you can. after you download the mp3, go to your itunes library. from there, you go to the File tab, scroll down and choose Add File to Library. in the search bar type the number and name of the song as it appears in mp3fiesta. (example:02_blackbird). and then you open it. it will automatically open in your itunes library.

Can you download an iTunes song on your iPhone without plugging it into a computer?

You can download iTunes songs on an iPhone without plugging it into the computer. You can download the iTunes on the iPhone.

How do you open a song from iTunes in garage band?

If the song from iTunes is protected then it cannot be imported into Garageband but other song files in the MP3, AAC, WAV or AIFF format can be dragged into Garageband's timeline to import them.

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How do you get song titles from a CD when you download it into iTunes?

To automatically get song titles from a CD in iTunes select the Advanced menu and select Get CD Track Names.

How do you download a song from LimeWire to iTunes?

Double click on the song in Limewire and it automatically downloads it to your iTunes Library.

When you buy a music video on itunes does it automatically come with the song?

yes it comes with the song

How do you put music on iTunes from LimeWire without draging it?

all you have to do is have itunes open and get the song from limewire and it automatically adds it to a new playlist

When I plug in my headphones into my Macbook iTunes automatically plays a song and when I press stop or even close iTunes it does the same thing. What do I do?

I'm having the same problem. iTunes starts automatically when I plug in my headphones. Its very irritating and it continues even after I quit iTunes,

How can you stop iTunes from automatically opening after downloading a song from LimeWire?

With LimeWire 5.3.6 it automatically opens iTunes to import newly downloaded MP3s. Under the LimeWire Tools > Options > iTunes > Configure > & uncheck the option of Enable iTunes Importing. Then press the Apply button.

How i can save song for YouTube song to my computer?

Get a program called YouTube Downloader and copy the URL bar into the program and it will save automatically. Or you can check to see if the song is on ITunes.

If you download a song into iTunes can you still get it on your iPod and how?

If you have any music, videos, pictures, apps etc in itunes, and you plug in the USB cord into your computer and your ipod, it should automatically sync everything from itunes onto the ipod.

Can you download a song from LimeWire on a ipod?

Yes, you can. iTunes will automatically convert all your music files into ones that are compatible with an iPod.

Who sings the song in the latest under armor commercial?

aghh!!! i cant figure it out either :? Go to the UnderAmour website, and there is a free download there. I don't believe it is actually a song, I think it's just a clip for the commercial, because in itunes, it automatically names it as Stadium PumpUp....

What is a genius playlist?

A genius playlist is created using information from a user-chosen song. iTunes automatically generates a playlist of music from your library that matches or has similarities to the song you have chosen to run 'genius' on. Music in the playlist is considered (by iTunes) to go well with your chosen song. It can also recommend songs on the iTunes Store to purchase.

How do you file download a song from iTunes?

Itunes generally automatically places your downloaded songs in a default folder however if you adjust your personal settings you can set the download location to be wherever you prefer for it to be.

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