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Block the user

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Q: How do you stop harassment on facebook?
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Is harassment by Facebook messaging illegal?

It really depends. Facebook just follow the laws of the US, so if you are, for example, British or French, your law doesn't count, because Facebook is situated in America and therefore follows American law. Harassment in the form of sexual harassment or stalking is illegal in the US. So you can report the individual to Facebook. You may also report it to your local authority. You can also block the person harassing you. Speak to a lawyer if you need advice on harassment.

If your boyfriends puts his hand on your leg is it sexual harassment?

No. not unless you tell him to stop and he keeps putting it there then it might just be harassment but if he moves it up your leg and you tell him to stop but he doesn't then it may count as sexual harassment.

How do you stop my facebook account permanantly?

I can't stop your facebook account, you have to do that yourself. Try going on Facebook/Help for information.

When a person keeps asking you for your number and social media name and wont stop is it considered harassment?

After several attempts, it can be considered harassment.

What type of copyrights dose Facebook have?

There are a few copyrights that Facebook has. Some of the copyrights that Facebook has are impostor accounts, hacking accounts, abuse and harassment, pages and groups admin issues, usernames and web address.

Is 4 telephone calls harassment?

They can be considered harassment if the person calling does not know the person. If you have told the person already to stop calling, yes that is harassment. If there is a restraining order on the caller, then it is against the law.

If someone is asking non stop for pictures of you is it considered sexual harassment?

Yes, it is considered sexual harassment. Even if they ask you one time, and you do not appreciate it, it is still technically considered sexual harassment.

How do stop receiving facebook notification coming to your gmail?

You can unsubscribe Facebook via Gmail. What this will do is stop posting Facebook mails on Gmail. You can unsubscribe anything to stop receiving mails.

How too stop people on facebook from poking me when i am sleeping or at school?

There is not a feature to stop people from poking you on Facebook.

How do you stop ex boyfriend harassment?

slap him in front of everybody or tell your parents .

If the person keeps on touching you and when you tell him or her to he or she won't stop is that considered harassment?


How can you stop facebook from sending you spam in your gmail account?

Yes, you can stop Facebook to send mails to you. Gmail has that feature to avoid spam. You can unsubscribe the mail to stop.