How do you stop feeling sick on your period?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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u just cant. sorry.

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Q: How do you stop feeling sick on your period?
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What are signs of an infection healing?

You stop feeling sick.

What are the release dates for The Doctors - 2008 How to Stop Feeling Sick Fat and Tired 5-22?

The Doctors - 2008 How to Stop Feeling Sick Fat and Tired 5-22 was released on: USA: 9 October 2012

What are early signs of pregnancy for a teenager?

Missed Period, Headaches, vomiting, feeling sick,

Where should your stomach hurt if your pregnant?

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

How do you stop feeling low before period?

sahe sahe sahe

How to stop myself from wanting to be sick unless something in particular is eaten?

Many things can cause a person to feel sick. If the feeling of sickness will only go away when something is eaten, the sick feeling could possibly be caused from low blood sugar. Once something is eaten, the blood sugar will get back to a normal level and the sick feeling will go away.

What are every symptoms of being pregnant?

missed period, nipples are dark, breasts grow, feeling sick/nausea

You have been feeling really tired recently headaches and lowerback pain and feeling sick if you havent eaten on time could you be pregnant your period was very light?


Why am i bleeding for a week after my period?

It could be your period still. Sometimes they stop and start. If you have been sick it will sometimes stop and then restart. Sex can stop a period for a day or so. If you are young and just starting it takes a bit for your cycle to settle down.

Feeling sick cramps tired moody are you pregnant?

not necessarily . But keep check on your cycle ,if you miss your period you surely could be

Im tring for a baby and im now feeling bloated having tummy cramps and feeling sick am i pregnant?

no sweety,that's just a sign telling you that your PERIOD is about to come.

What can you do to stop feeling hot and sick?

You can get warm. Even if you feel hot, getting warm is a great way to feel better.