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To stop being nervous about your first kiss can be nearly impossible to do. Every single person will experience this scary feeling. You could possibly practice your kissing so you don't have feelings like you'll suck at it the first time or you will miss. Also, you should try to make sure that your first kiss is with a person that hasn't had their first kiss either so they wont know if you suck or not, and it might make it less scary.

-You're welcome! And make sure it's special because their's only a first time once.

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Try to stay present in the moment and focus on your partner. Take deep breaths to calm your nerves. Remember that it's okay to feel nervous and that your partner may be feeling the same way. Communication is key - talk to your partner about your feelings before and after the kiss.

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Q: How do you stop being nervous over your first kiss?
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Why do people freak out over their first kiss?

because its ur first kiss

I am having trouble kissing my girlfriend for the first time It's both of our first kisses so how do I get over the nervousness?

It's 100% okay to be nervous. It's totally natural... Unfortunately, being nervous is something that sometimes cannot be controlled. If you are nervous because you think she might not like it/want to, the truth is, she is probably asking herself "why hasn't he kissed me yet". She wants you to make the first move and if you can do that, it should be natural. Take it slow and let your body take over. Just do it. Don't spend the whole time thinking and planning it out. Just go! Don't think about the worst that can happen. Think about the best thing that could happen! It will most likely turn out just fine. Good luck! :)

How can you get over shyness and have your first kiss?

you be brave and u kiss the person dont be scared just kiss them

How do you avoid being nervous?

look thow it and just get over it

What do you do if you had your first kiss?

don't get over excited about it, feel happy but only in your head and you could continue to kiss but only if the other agrees. congrats when you get your first kiss.

How do you get over your first love that you never dated?

you can kiss him /her somewhere

How long does it take for a 30 year old man to get over being nervous so he can make love to his wife?

Nervous about what? What really is the underlying problem? Is he a virgin? Is he intrested in the same sex?AnswerQuit being nervous. Be comfortable with yourself.

What type of kiss should be the first kiss?

well u dont wont to go over board with ur first kiss, make it romantic and one of a kind somthing u will rember.

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Yamapi once said his first kiss was with to Jin. what happened was that when they were having a fighting scene rehearsal, they fell and Jin fell over Pi and they kissed by accident. No one actually believed that this was his first kiss. YamaPi then explained that it was his first kiss with a guy. Im not sure if anybody knows who Exactly was yamapi's first kiss.

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How do you get over the awkwardness of trying to kiss for the first time?

Just close your eyes think of what makes you happy leanung towards him or her and voila, you've got your first kiss

How is a first kiss usually like?

its different for every one it could be awesome or awful and for mine I've kissed 2 guys both their first kiss my first kiss every was awesome the next awful i can see that you are stressing over your first kiss! don't worry!! its a wonderful moment that you will remember your whole life!