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You Don't. Shooting BB's in a pellet gun that is not designed for it will ruin the rifling in the barrel. Some airguns are designed to shoot both BB's and pellets. But if the Owners manual calls for pellets and says nothing about BB's then stick with pellets.

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Q: How do you shoot BB from an air pellet gun?
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Can you shoot an air rifle in Oakland Ca?

If it is BB or a pellet gun, yes. A real firearm, no.

What is the difference between an air gun and BB gun?

Actually a BB gun is an air gun. But an air gun also includes pellet guns and rifles. BB guns are the bottom end of the air gun family. Pellet guns are more accurate than BB guns and they usually cost more.

Is a air rifle or BB gun a fire gun?

Air rifles use compressed air or C02 to propel the BB or pellet. They do not use gunpowder. Their is no bullet shell and bullet just the BB or pellet.

How far can a 400 fps bb gun go?

Companies that make airguns and rifle don't advertise the distance that their air guns shoot. Because it can vary with the weight of the pellet or BB. They rate how fast the air gun is capable of shooting in Feet Per second. (FPS) it can be safe to say that the air gun can project a pellet or BB at least 150 feet and further.

How old do you have to be to shoot a be be gun?

In the Unites States you have to be 18 to purchase a pellet or BB gun, but you can be any age to shoot it under adult supervision.

Is a colt.25 bb gun good?

Colt makes a 1911-A1 Pellet gun made by Umarex. I know of no BB gun unless you are asking about an Air Soft gun. The Pellet gun is very good. I can not answer about an Air soft gun.

Can you shoot pelles from a bb gun if it has a smooth barrel?

There are several BB/Pellet gun models on the market that have smooth bore. If your model is designed for both BBs and Pellets then you you can shoot both.

Can a .22 Caliber Pellet Gun shoot a BB without damaging it?

No. Bad Idea! BB's a .177 in size not .22

How do you spell begun?

A BB gun is a kind of pellet gun, used to shoot BB sized bullets.

Can you shoot someone with a pellet gun?

A pellet gun is capable of serious injury or death depending on where the victim is struck. The shooter could be charged with battery or a greater crime. Never point a pellet or BB gun at anyone.......

Can you put pellets in a BB gun?

While many pellet guns are configured to be able to fire regular BB's, most BB guns cannot fire standard BB caliber pellets. To fire a pellet, the BB gun would have to be a breech loaded or break-barrel loaded design, and the pellets would have to be loaded single-shot.

Will a bird die if you shoot it with a light bb gun?

Yes it most likely will die from the pellet or shock.