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easy as cake :3 just have confinces and make sure you give alot of eye contat and say things he'd love to hear like A) Oh, wow you look so sexy today!oops did i say that out loud my bad ( they know u think that their sexy and give the guy confinces to flirt back with chu) B) Do things that makes him know that you want him like 1) smile or grin with ur eyes look striaght at his 2) giggle alot while he does a lil poke or there 3) play hard to get but make sure u dont over do it! when he trys something to you just say " Oh god, i can't...but i want to..." it'll make him want chu more trust me :]

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Tell them what you want to do to them or what you want them to do to you. Make moaning noises.

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talk dirty to him tell him what you want how you want it

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Whisper gentle suggestions of intimacy in her ear and and gaze into her eyes.

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Haha that's pretty easy. Just talk about or show him your body. XP Horny men...

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Q: How do you sexually stimulate a boy without touching them?
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