How do you set a message tone on a samsung evergreen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go to menu then go to sounds and click edit then go to message and there you go

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Q: How do you set a message tone on a samsung evergreen?
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How do you set a message tone on a Samsung Monte s5620?

Hw do you set a message tone on a samsung Monte gts5620

How do you set message tone in micromax A54?

Dump the ringtones in notification folder and then set as message or caller tone

How do you change ringtone on your samsung c3050?

I don't know how to change the message tone, I'm trying to find that out. but to change the ringtone you find the music you want it to be then click options, set as, ringing tone.

Can you set a ringtone for your text messages for a Samsung?

It depends on your phone's model. I have the Samsung Zeal. To do it, go to the following: Media Center>Music and Tones> My Ringtones> select the tone> Save As> Alert Tones> TXT Message.

Can you set a recording as the ringtone on a Samsung Evergreen?

yees! when you are done with the recording just go to options set as and ringtonee

For all Samsung Impression users if you set a contact with a personal ringtone will an incoming text message from them ring with their personalized ringer?

no it has to be set seperately. to do so, go to your address book and click on the contact. click edit. click add more fields. scroll until you get to message tone. check mark it. click done. click on msg tone and select the tone. then click save.

How do you set a message tone for a samsung tocco lite gt-s5230?

Go to 'settings' then 'phone profiles' then click on the arrow next to 'normal'. On this screen in the top right hand corner you have a drop down menu, click on this and select 'new messages' then click on the 'message alert tone' bar and then pick your tune!

How do you set up a text message alert on an iPhone?

Go to settings then to sounds and then click on text tone

How do you set a text message ringtone for your samsung flight?

Go to your menu then go to settings go to sound profile and tap NORMAL and on the right hand side you will see CALL with an arrow pointing down tap on it then you will see CALL MESSAGES AND PHONE tap on MESSAGES and there you go you can change whatever you want to be as your message tone.

Can you set custom ringtones for text messages for Motorola Gleam?

For EX-211 it seems that there is no way to set custom message alert tone (yet).

How do you set a text message signature on the Samsung Impression with At and t?

i need to know the same thing...i have tried everything to find it YOU CAN'T :(

Can you set different message tones for each contact on samsung Monte?

yup i have it and i have a diff one for my girlfrend and best frend and bro and sis