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how to scroll down on MAC with mouse

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Q: How do you scroll down facebook on MAC with mouse?
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How do you scroll down in a mac?

You can scroll down by just using the mouse. If you have a scroll on your mouse, just push it backwards. The page will scroll down instantly.

How do you Scroll a mac mouse on a PC?

You use two fingers and stroke downward on the mouse pad to scroll down and to go up you stroke upward.

What is the difference between a PC mouse and a Mac?

PC mice commonly have physical scroll wheels and right click buttons. The new Magic Mouse for Mac has them, but they are touch sensitive, as is the entire mouse's surface.

How do you type a check mark on facebook?

for mac....hold down option/alt and hit the "v" √

How do you zoom in on a Mac?

To enable zooming select the Keyboard and Mouse option in System Preferences and then select the mouse tab. Click the box next to Zoom using scroll ball. Select the Options button to configure how you want to zoom.If you what to zoom in ,or out you have to hold down the control key while scrolling up to zoom in then to zoom in scroll down.if you have a mac lap top its pretty much the same thing,but after you press the control key you have to hold down the clicker and scroll up or down with 2 fingers to zoom in or outMac Preferences... KEYBOARD SHORTCUTSTurn ON ZOO, Click box then click triangle to openClick on or near an icon on the screen.OPTION--COMMAND -- will minimize the screen (minus key)OPTION--COMMAND = will maximize the screen (equal key)

How can one tell if a laptop mouse is compatible with Mac computers?

One can tell if a laptop mouse is compatible to a Mac computer by simply checking the slot of the mouse itself. If the slot of the mouse matches exactly with the slot of the Mac computer, the mouse will be compatible.

How do you scroll with a mac?

all you have 2 do is hold one of ur fingers on the movey thingy and with your other finger you move your finger down

How do you find mac address on mabook pro?

Apple menu, upper left corner, scroll down to "About this Mac....." then "More Info..." then look down the list for "Network", it should have the MAC address listed.Also if you made "Locations" for your different networks or Wireless/ethernet connections then the ethernet and Wireless cards MAC address's will be listed.

Can you use a PC wireless mouse on Mac?

I would recommends the Wireless Mighty Mouse by Mac.

Is there a C plus plus editor software for the mac that is free?

Looks like there's one called Xcode. Scroll down for link.

How do you get on Facebook when it is blocked on an Mac?

You break the Mac and buy a new computer, ;)

What do you hook the Mac mini to?

A Screen, a keyboard and a mouse. The keyboard and mouse can be wireless.