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The best way is to be straightforward. Forget you ego and apologise sincerely. And surely things will be fine once the other person receives your heartfelt apology after you messed things up for them. This is surely going to work, I know because I have experienced it myself.

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Q: How do you say sorry to somone and you done something wrong?
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When you feel guilty and sorry at the same time?

It is when you do something wrong to someone or something and you feel guilty you shouldn't have done that and you feel sorry for them.

What should you say to your girlfriend when something is wrong?

you should say that you are sorry for what you have done.

When does world sorry telling day fall on?

anyday you have done something wrong. (lennon rocks)

Why would a man ask a woman if she trusts him?

If he done something wrong..... :/ and I'm extremely sorry if this happened to you...

Is proudness a synonym for contrition?

No. Contrition means being sorry for having done something wrong or having failed to do something right.

What is apolog?

What is apologize mean? Apologize mean, when you do something wromg you need to sorry to the people that you done something wrong and that is call apologize.

Can you pull a rabbits ears once or twice when they have done something wrong?

I wish i knew, sorry!:)lol. No, physical punishment of animals is wrong. They do not connect the punishment with the "crime".

What does apologizing mean?

Express regret for something that one has done wrong.

What is a sentence with the word contrite?

If you are contrite, you are very sorry because you have done something wrong. He looked so contrite, for a minute she believed him.

How can you make friends?

Well, If you want to make friends, you have to be friendly and kind, ask them to play or ask them: Will you be my friend? I always get friends like that Another note: If you want to get a previous friend back and You did something wrong to them, just say sorry, No big deal. But if you haven't done something wrong to them don't say sorry. Leave them to say sorry to you.

How do you have a break up with a girlfriend?

You first just tell her what's wrong, and tell her that she isn't the right one, and just say "sorry, but we are done" or something.

What is the clue for felt sorry about?

something guilty u have done, something u feel sorry about!:D