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Para mí lo que sea = Anything (will do) for me.

¿Qué hay /(hay) algo para mí? = (Is there) anything for me?

Remember and be careful:

MÍ--- me / I

MI --- my

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Q: How do you say anything for me in Spanish?
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How do you say the word anything in spanish?

Cualquier cosa

How do you say anything in spanish?

Cualquier cosa

How do you say I didn't want anything in Spanish?

No quería nada.

How do you say you can tell me anything in spanish?

no me puedes dicer nada

How do you say if you need anything in spanish?

si necesitas algo

How do you say i don't say anything personal in spanish?

Yo no digo nada personal

How you say you can talk to me about anything in Spanish?

puedes hablar conmigo sobre todo.

How do you say they are not going to watch anything in Spanish?

"Ellos no van a ver nada"

How do you say I'll do anything in Spanish?

Haré lo que sea / fuere

How do you say ask you anything baby in spanish?

preguntar nada bebé u

How do you say I will do anything you want in spanish?

it is Voy a hacer lo que quieras

How do you say dont forget anything on the list in spanish?

No te olvides de nada