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There is no way to transfer messages to sim card unless your nokia phone is not a high end. That is the problem with the nokia phones, they do not support such feature unlike in sony ericsson. The only way you can transfer a message is thru PC suite but you CANNOT transfer/move messages to sim card

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Q: How do you save messages to Sim card of Nokia 2600?
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Can you save your messages to sim on nokia 6288?

Yes, you can. Go to your inbox and move the smses you want to your Saved Messages (in SIM).

How do you save messages on an LG Shine?

I have this phone, if you want to save to drafts you need to start the message, choose options then press 3 and it iwll save to drafts. If you mean to save to the SIM card, one your inbox becomes full it will automatically save the messages to the SIM card.

How do you save pictures on your nokia e5?

how do we save pictures in nokia e5

When did Save Mary happen?

Save Mary happened in 2600.

How to Transfer contacts in Nokia phone to new Nokia phone?

you can save the contact in to your sim card first, and then copy them to the E72. by the way, how much did you cost on the N95? the price was deoped so much recently? i ordered one on the at just under $230.

Can cellular carriers save text messages?

Cellular carriers can (and for legal reasons, must) save text messages.

Does iCloud save text messages?


How do you save gprs settings in nokia 3110c above the limit of 70?

why not save gprs settings

Are there any cordless phones that can save answering machine messages to your computer?

No, there is not a cordless phone that can save answering machine messages to your computer.

Which mobile phone set has largest sms memory?

Dear only nokia phone have largest message memories if you select the message memory to external memory not on phone i mean you should change the message memory from cell phone to memory card in sms settings and then you can save unlimited messages untill your mobile speed goes down i have nokia 2700 classic its good i have saved more than 2000 messages in card and cell phone and now i am looking for new cell phone with high speed and largest message memory android is useless because touch system dont attracts me i like to use android if in type phones by bye

How do you download games to memorycard?

If you have a card reader insert the memory card in the card reader connect to the PC. Go to any games download sites of nokia or whatever mobile you have. Click on the link they have provided to download. When you click on it you will get a save option, choose the memory card from there as the save destination. Hurrah!! you have downloaded the game to memory card.If you are trying to download game from mobile, it easy go to your browser, open a site address for example, or search in for a specific game. now when you download game from the mobile site you will get a save option save it. Thats it. EnjoYyY!!

Can a Pantech matrix save text messages?

You can save your messages to the SIM card but once you click delete all messages they will go away...I'm pretty sure. I have not yet found a way to completely lock a message so that when you delete your messages, it will stay. If you're talking about saving something like a picture message, this is somewhat possible. When you've selected the picture, click options then use then save to internal or external memory(whichever you choose). Otherwise, I don't think you can completely lock a regular text message from deleting.