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You can't save drafts, but you can type the text then copy and paste it into your notes so you can come back to it later or you can send the message to yourself so you'll have it to add on to. If you don't want to do those, you can get a third party app that allows you to save drafts, in which you'll have to then copy and paste into your text messages. Hope this helped! (:

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Q: How do you save draft texts in iPhone?
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How to draft text message iPhone?

To draft a text message on iPhone, just start writing the message and exit to save the message as draft.

Is there an IPhone app that is free and will hide your texts?

You know you could just delete the texts.

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How to save images from google earth on iphone?

To save images from google earth on iPhone simply press the image and you will get the save option.

Are the iPhone and iPod Touch the same thing?

Very similar but not exactly. The iphone is a phone (obviously) and the iPod is just the iPhone without call's , texts etc.

How do you save a message sound on a iphone?

you dont have to save it, it automatically does :)

I have downloaded the 3.1.2 software on my original iPhone but my iPhone doesn't give me the option to send picture messages why?

unfortunately original iphones cannot send or receive picture texts but their is a website where you can veiw picture texts sent to your phone, though not sure what it is, or you can just get a new iPhone 3g or 3gs

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no. There is a website that allows you to send texts but you cannot receive them.

How is the new iPhone?

Yes It's a smartphone. iPhone 4S can let you ask Siri to make calls, send texts, set reminders, and more.

On an iPhone How can you block a specific person from sending you texts?

call the service provider and give them the number

Is there an app for the iphone 4 that wen someone texts you it shows a color in the front camera?

Current, no there is not.

What is draft-on Yahoo Mail home page?

The 'Draft' folder in Yahoo email is where emails in progress can be saved for later access. This allows you to save long emails to finish later, or in case of computer glitches. Once you send the email, the draft version will disappear. To save an unfinished email, simply press the 'Save Draft' button next to the 'Send' button.