How do you save a meez?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If u want to save your person on meez,go on facebook, and typ in your passowd and name and eamiladdsse, do u know now!BITCHS!

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Q: How do you save a meez?
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Why does every time you try to save your Meez it says save failed?

By the sound of what you are saying the Meez needs repairing

How do you save Meez person?

Press the "Save" button.

How do your save your outfit on Meez?

bii loking 4 save dick lol

Where can you find a free code for Meez?

You don't have to pay! Most items on meez are free. So, you can create, save, and export your Meez without paying a penny.

How do you get rich on meez?

you have to be a v.i.pto be rich or you can save the coins like me.

How do you make a meez?

It is easy to make a meez; just go to the meez website and click on a pink button that says "Create Meez". You can then choose your gender then dress yourself up however you want and save it. Then you are ready to go.

How much does double punch cost on meez?

double punch on meez cost 4000 coins aall i can say is save ur coins up

What is the naked glitch for meez?

Go to shop and remove EVERYTHING on your Meez. Save. Don't close the browser. Put on a free top and pants/shorts. If you wanna do only top. Put a free top on your Meez only. If you only wanna do bottom. Put a free pants/shorts. Okay, now save. Put on another free top, bottom, or shorts. Or just top. or just bottoms. Don't save and go to your closet and delete the first free top. Log out and log back in and your Meez should be naked!! Have fun being naked on Meez!

MEEZ HOW TO Hack blank eyes on meez?

All you have to do is save 400 coinz and buy veiny eyes (without pupil) And change the color to white!Easy as pie!

What are meez codes?

Go to ''My Account'' and press Edit Email Preferences and then it shows something that says ''Do you want to receive the Meez newsletter?'' under it, it shows Yes or No. Click yes and then press save at the bottom and you should get the Meez codes in your emai.

How do you glitch your meez on beta meez?

In order to glitch your Meez, return all setting that you would like to glitch to the starting settings, log out of your account and then log back in. Open Meez in two different browsers and select the settings you want to glitch. Save and close those windows rapidly, and when you go to open your Meez again, the character should have the features combined.

Get meez codes?

You go to My Account at the top, then press something that says ''Edit Email Preferences'' click that. And then it shows ''Do you want to receive the Meez newsletter?'' Under that it shows Yes or No. Click Yes and press save at the bottom and then you get the Meez Codes in your email each time they come out. <3 Add me on Meez : xxichi_kittyxx and Brookeluffseddy (: