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If you mean the standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges, they are not reusable.

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Q: How do you reuse air cartridges for a pellet gun?
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What do CO2 pellet gun cartridges do?

Use C02 to propell the pellet

Can a metal sheet stop a pellet without crushing the pellet?

Are you talking about an airgun pellet? If so, then hitting the sheet with force will deform the pellet. If it's a air-soft plastic pellet it will most likely shatter or at least crack or chip the pellet. Never reuse a pellet after it has been fired. It may damage the gun.

Can you use air soft in a pellet gun?


What kind of gun shoots pellets?

It can be referred to as a pellet gun or air gun.

Can you use a bottle of gas for lighters on a gas pellet gun?

No. A pellet gun would use compressed air.

What is the meaing of pulet gun?

I think you mean pellet gun. That is a gun that fires a small lead pellet but does not use gun powder. It uses compressed air or compressed gasses to push the pellet.

When you put a 22cal pellet in gun and lower the gun the pellet will fall out should it do that?

No it should not. Are you sure the air gun is a .22 caliber not a .25 caliber. Air you loading it right? Are you loading it through the breech? You are using an air gun not a real gun.

Is a colt.25 bb gun good?

Colt makes a 1911-A1 Pellet gun made by Umarex. I know of no BB gun unless you are asking about an Air Soft gun. The Pellet gun is very good. I can not answer about an Air soft gun.

What is the difference between an air gun and BB gun?

Actually a BB gun is an air gun. But an air gun also includes pellet guns and rifles. BB guns are the bottom end of the air gun family. Pellet guns are more accurate than BB guns and they usually cost more.

Is a air rifle or BB gun a fire gun?

Air rifles use compressed air or C02 to propel the BB or pellet. They do not use gunpowder. Their is no bullet shell and bullet just the BB or pellet.

Are air rifles the same as pellet guns?

Not necessarily, but similar. An air rifle can be a BB gun, or it can be a pellet gun. Pellet guns are rifled, have more power, greater accuracy. .

How does a air pellet gun work?

see the link below