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Try to log in again, then click the customer support link. Fill the form and tell them to restore your account. Note that you have to do this within 48 hours of deleting your account.

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Won't accept my login name
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What do i need to do to retrieve the account

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Q: How do you retrieve a deleted adult friend finder account?
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Can you retrieve deleted text messages from blackberry?

No but your phone company might be able to I think. Why would you want to retrieve a deleted text message from blackberry? It's from a...........................friend, and I deleted it accidentally.

how to see deleted messages on adult friend finder?

I think its not best to, if your not an adult, you can't do these things that adults can only do.

How do I change my name on my adult friend finder account?

I here to get an answer to my question, not answer yours!

Is there an age limit to adultfriend finder?

"The law requires that anyone who wants an Adult Friend Finder account must be over the age of 18. This is the age that is considered to be a ""legal"" adult. Adult Friend Finder may contain adult content that is not appropriate for children."

How do you find out who removed you from their friends list on Facebook?

see if that person is still in your friends list, if not the they deleted you.There is an application in the web that lets you know who deleted you from your friend list. It is called the Unfriend Finder. This powerful application has the following features:Track your pending friend requests .Notify you when someone rejects your friend request.Notify you who disabled their Facebook Account.And Finally , who deleted you from their friend list.You can download Unfriend Finder in this site: I was installing the application. I had a hard time installing it as it is kinda tricky so this guide I found on Google might help you:

If you delete a picture from your phone how can you get it back?

If you sent that pic to a friend, ask them to send it to you, if not, you're out of luck.

How can you close your account on adult friend finder?

close my account friend finder ANSWER: Go to your setting, under your setting find your account, inside that account you will see your membership. From there it will show you what you wanted to do. It's very easy and it goes to all dating site..

How do you delete your adult friend finder account?

1. Log into your account 2. Go to your profile 3. Settings 4. Avalibilaty 5. Choose if you want to delete for ever for temporarily take your account down 6. Say "Yes"

What is an anagram of friend?


How does one login to Adult Friend Finder?

To login to Adult Friend Finder one needs to register at AdultFriendFinder. What or who someone is looking for and personal details such as birthday, country and eMail are required to create an account with a username and password. To login it is enough to specify username and password.

What kind of website is Friend Finder?

Friend Finder is a dating website for adults looking to find that someone special. Founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru, Friend Finder was purchase by Penthouse Media Group in 2007. Friend Finder now has many sisters sites such as SeniorFriendFinder, ItalianFriendFinder and AsianFriendFinder to name a few.

A friend added me on Facebook but my own profile still displays awaiting confirmation Now friend's profile name is in black and I cannot access it What is the problem?

Your friend either cancelled the friend request or deleted his/her account.