How do you restore a iPod?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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Plug your iPod into your computer and run iTunes. Tab over to the tab with your iPod on it and press the sync button in the bottom right-hand corner. Within a few minutes, you should have a restored iPod!

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Hey, to restore an iPod to it's original settings, you must go on iTunes and click on the iPod symbol to the left of iTunes, and then look for a button that said "Update" and "Restore", click on restore, it will take up to maby 5 minits and then you are done how I helped ;D

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Some ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod.

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Q: How do you restore a iPod?
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Restore iPod classic?

i restore my ipod classic but says in still need to restore it

How do you restore an iPod to factory setting?

have to open itunes plug in ipod click your ipod restore

Does it cost money if you restore your iPod?

No it does not cost to restore the ipod. You can easily restore it using itunes on your computer.

What does restore iPod mean on your iPod Shuffle?

It means you have to connect your ipod to itunes select that ipod on the menu and click restore.

Do you have to restore your iPod on a mac computer?

Simply hook your iPod up to iTunes, and select restore from the iPod menu.

When you restore an iPod on a Windows from a Mac does it erase the music that is already on the iPod?

When you restore an iPod it will wipe all data saved on it. Yeah

What you do if you want to restore your ipod touch 4th generation?

Plug your iPod into a PC, go onto iTunes, then my devices, iPod and then restore

How do you restore your iPod touch?

There are two ways to restore your ipod touch. Hold the sleep/wake button and the home button for ten seconds until the apple symbol appears. Or you can plug your ipod into itunes and restore from there. The itunes restore is a more complete way to restore.

How do you reset the whole thing in your iPod?

Connect it to iTunes, then click on your iPod's name. There will be a button that says restore, click it.

You are on iTunes and i cant find restore?

Make sure your iPod is plugged in. When iTunes recognizes the iPod, go to the iPod menu. There should be a 'restore' button there.

How do you restore a jailbroken iPod touch?

Connect your iTouch to your computer and click "Restore iPod" and it will erase everything on your iTouch.

How do you restore iPod and what will appear after restore?

i hav a ceck mark on my ipod and it said ok disconnect nothing working