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Im figuring out this my self. But you MUST send in a form to the state for a replacement. again its 10 bucks.

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Q: How do you replace stolen FOID card?
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How do you get a new foid card if you lost your card?

FOID stands for Firearm Owner Identification. If you lost your FOID card, to get a new one, you must apply at the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau.

Can a convicted felon get a foid card in Illinois?

Yes, they can get a FOID card, but it is not legal for them to own or carry a gun.

Can a person with suspended foid card hunt with a person that has a valid foid card?

Nope It is a felony if they want to pursue it.

What is a Foid Card?

Firearm Owner's Identificarion Card

Can you get a foid card with a felony driving on a suspended lic in Illinois?

No. The felony voids your chance at a FOID.

If you live in Little Rock Arkansas but have a valid FOID card in Illinois can you use the Illinois card in Arkansas?

If a person lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and has a valid FOID (Firearms Operational Identification) in Illinois, the FOID card cannot be used to hunt in Arkansas. A person will have to get a new FOID for the state of Arkansas to use it in Arkansas.

Can a misdemeanor domestic battery charge prohibit getting a FOID card in Illinois?

As long as there was no weapons involved.also if you were convicted Illinois wont give you a foid card

Do you need a foid card for a crossbow?

Do i need a gun card for a crossbow in il.

How do you get back a Illinois Foid card that was lost?

If the FOID card is lost, then it is lost and you don't know where it is. If you know where it is to get it back from, then it is not lost. Go get it. I recently had my wallet stolen. A police report was taken, I was provided with my FOID card number and told to contact the state police. (They issue the cards.). The state police informed me that lost and stolen FOID cards are treated the same. The number is flagged as no longer valid and you must re-apply and be re-investigated, just like if you had never had a FOID card or were doing the 10-year renewal. Application may be printed or picked up at almost any gun shop and most sporting stores. It may also be sent to you if you contact the state police. Many of the businesses will also gladly do the paperwork, take the required photograph, accept the $10 state fee, and submit the paperwork for you for a nominal fee. Do not believe the statement about 30 days, I would consider 60 days being more reasonable though some do receive their cards is less than 3 weeks. The phone number is (217) 782-7980. (For Hearing Impaired only TDD (800) 255-3323) The mailing address is: Illinois State Police - FOID P. O. Box 19233 Springfield, IL 62794-9233

If a 19 year old is indicted on burglary class 2 felony possession of a stolen gun class 2 felony possession of firearm without foid class A misdemeanor possession of ammunition without foid class A?

If a 19 year old with no record is indicted on a class 2 felony burgalary charge, a class 2 possession of a stolen firearm, a class A misdemeanor for firearm without a foid card, a class A misdemeanor for possession of ammunition without a foid card and a class A misdemeanor criminal trespass to vehicles is just probation possible or is prison mandatory? The defendant is blaming drug abuse and is currently in rehab trial date is continued.

What should people do if their credit card is stolen?

you should tell your bank and they will replace it.

Can you get a Illinois foid card if you were convicted of a DUI in Florida?

Yes, unless it was a felony. If the DUI did not cause an accident, it's not even a misdemeanor. A felony DUI would mean you killed someone while drunk driving, and they charged you with a felony. Get a FOID application, and read it. I had a Florida DUI, and I have a FOID card.

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