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Best to ask a gunsmith for help.

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Q: How do you remove the plug from a browning b80 shotgun?
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What is the value of a Browning B80 20ga auto shotgun?

50-500 usd

Browning model b80?

Yes, Browning made the B80.

What is your 1981 browning b80 good condition shotgun worth?

$250-500 depending on condition

Blue book value of model b80 browning shotgun?

$250-500 depending on condition

What year was the Browning B80 introduced?


What is the value of browning b80 semi auto gas shotgun original in box never put together or shot?

Your Browning B-80 in the description you described is valued at 450 dollars.

What are the specifications of a Browning B80 shotgun?

What specifications do you need? Barrels differentiate depending on length and choke. The weight depends on the barrel as well.

How do you disassemble a browning b80 20 gauge?

Download a manual from Browning or take it to a gunsmith

How can you tighten your browning b80 stock?

Best left to a gunsmith

How can you tell if your b-80 browning shotgun is a trap gun or did they even make one?

Browning never marketed a B80 specifically as a "Trap Model". In 1987 they came out with the B80 Plus model which could shoot all loads. Prior to that, each gun used a special recoil adapter. Invectors were also available. The B80 was dropped from the line in 1989. Basically any B80 with a 30" barrel and full choke could be considered a gun for trap, however the stocks were designed for hunting use.

What is the value of a Browning B80 20ga auto?

100-400 USD

What is used price of Browning 12Ga Model B80 with gold trigger?

The model b-80 is valued at between 230-400 dollars depending on the overall condition of the shotgun.