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In the butt pad there are two slits in the rubber where the screws(phillips) reside. MAKE SURE to lube the slits before backing screws out. Alternate back an forth a few turns at a time and try to not let the heads come through the slit thus possibly damaging it. once the pad is off, look down the hole and u will see a slotted head. that is the screw that holds the stock on. look in the receiver behind the trigger mech. and you will see how the fastener works. NOW, IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT A WAY TO REMOVE THAT SCREW WITHOUT A IMPACT WRENCH OR WITHOUT STRIPPING IT, LET ME KNOW!!!! BECAUSE THAT IS THE STEP I AM DEALING WITH NOW. good luck, Mike

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Q: How do you remove the butt stock from browning BPS for repair to crack?
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