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Q: How do you remove the bolt from the Mossberg 640 rifle?
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When was my Mossberg 640 KD 22 magnum Chuckster manufactured... SER. 10858000?

Between 1969-1985. But if you contact Mossberg customer service through their website, they can narrow it down. BTW, that is an excellent rifle.

Where can you find an owner's manual for Model M822A 22 magnum?

We are going to have to assume you mean a Western Field M822A rifle in .22 Magnum. These guns were made by Mossberg for Montomery Wards and are basically the same as the Mossberg 640. That model is obsolete, so perhaps you might try doing an internet search for 'Mossberg 640 Owner Manual' and see if somebody has a repro available.

Where to get parts for revelation R107A 22 magnum-WMR?

The Revelation Brand was used by Western Auto for guns made by others, but sold by Western Auto. In the case of your Mdl 104A, this is a Mossberg Model 640 (nice rifle, by the way). Parts may be available thru the website for Havlin Sales, and at gunpartscorp. .

Who built the revelation R107A 22 magnum-WMR?

Its a Mossberg 640.

Where do you get a clip for revelation 22 r107a?

Look for a clip for a Mossberg 640 they are identical

Where can you purchase a used clip for a mossberg 22 magnum model 640 KD chuckster?

You dont deserve the gun or magazine if you call a magazine a clip.

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