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when you say one side has closed do you meanthat it has growen over the back of your lip ring or what do you mean??

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Q: How do you remove lip piercing when one side has closed?
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What does a lip piercing mean?

Having a piercing on the side of your lip :3

What is it called if you have one lip piercing on the left side?

For your upper lip, Left is a monroe piercing. The bottom lip could just be a lip piercing, or labret piercing.

If you only get one piercing on you lip which side does it go on?

The side you want it on, there are no left right rules for lip piercing.

What side is Andy clemmensen lip piecing on?

his lip piercing is on his right side

Does lip piercing close?

yes. mine closed... twice

Does it matter what side you get your lip piercing on?

No, either side is fine.

What are panda bites piercing?

Two piercing on one side of the bottom lip

What is the piercing called where its below your lip and its to the side but its not called a lowbret piercing picture please?

labret is the only one i can think of, snake bites if they're done on either side. unless you're refering to a monroe, (left upper lip) or madonna (right upper lip) or "angel bites" for both. i hope this helps Edit: Snakebites: When you have one piercing either side of the bottom of your lip. Angelbites: When you have one piercing either side of the top of your lip. One above your lip in the middle is a madonna. One above your lip to the side is a monroe. One in the middle at the bottom is a labret. Two on one side at the bottom of the lip is called a spiderbite. One to the side at the bottom of your lip is just a lip piercing i guess. (:

Does a lip piercing get in the way?

my lip piercing is in the center of my lip and it never gets in the way of i had the typical hoop on the side of my lip and it got in the way of EVERYTHING! and was just uncomfortable.

What to do if your lip piercing has closed with the jewelry still inside your lip?

If the ball on the end of the bar has closed inside your skin you will have to get it surgically removed. There is no other way of getting it out without seriously damaging your lip.

What are angel bite piercing?

two upper lip piercings. (one on each side of the lip.)

What is it when you have three lip piercings on one side?

Right and left lip is called Snake Bites, the center piercing is a labret piercing.