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How do I remove mobile number from jus dial

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I m inquiry par not interested please remove my number

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Q: How do you remove contact number from just dial?
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How do you call someone using keypad on your iphone that it not in the contacts?

Just dial their number ! It doesn't matter if they're in your contact list or not - you can still call ANY number just by tapping the keys.

How do you contact a cable phone number in the UK?

Just dial the number, all the numbers are the same type regardless of how the phone is physically connected. The code for the UK is 44.

How do I call UK number 08444416969 from the USA?

You would dial the international access code for the UK, then the rest of the number - BUT - remove the leading zero. From america, you would dial 011 448 444 416 969 (the spaces are just for clarity)

How do you fax from Singapore to Malaysia?

If you are sending from Malaysia, you can just dial 02 and follow by the number you wish to send the fax to. Eg; the number you wish to fax is 5326321, just dial 025326321.

How do you call a mobile phone in London England?

Your question is a little vague. If the number you want to call is in your phone - simply dial it - the network will handle the call just fine. If you want to dial a UK registered mobile manually from abroad, dial 0044 then the number you want BUT remove the leading zero. For example, say the number was 07 789 999 999, you would dial 00 447 789 999 999 (the spaces are just for clarity).

Since the new thing is that you have to dial a area code before you dial a number do you have to dial your area code before dialing 911?

No, 911 is a special case. You just dial 911, even if you dial area+number or 1+area+number for other local calls.

How do you Dial a cell phone call from MA to IL in US?

Just dial 1 + area code + number.

How do you dial an extension number?

In most cases, you first dial the main number. If an automated system answers, you will be prompted to dial the extension number. For example, to reach (318) 555-0123 x 7838, you would first dial 1-318-555-0123, and then, after the automated system answers, dial the extension number 7838. If a human operator answers, you can just say, "Extension 7838, please."

When you use Fax you get wrong number when using it locally - it won't accept the area code?

You dial a fax number on a fax machine exactly the same way you would dial the same telephone number on an ordinary landline telephone at the same location. If you dial just 7 digits for a local number on your landline phone, then you dial just 7 digits for a local fax number on your fax machine.

How do you dial an English number from an Irish mobile?

To dial any UK number from an Irish mobile, just replace the trunk prefix 0 of the UK domestic number with +44.

What is Farragut High School number?

They have to be listed. Just dial 4ll.

What is direct dialing local calls?

Direct dialing just means that you dial the number yourself, without asking an operator to dial it for you.