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Go into another room and remove it there. That way, she'll never know you were wearing it in the first place.

If you mean remove from girl that is sleeping, you don't !

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Q: How do you remove bra while a girl is sleeping?
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Is it true that 14 year old girl can have breast cancer if she wears her bra while sleeping?

Getting breast cancer has nothing to with wearing a bra.

Is it okay to sleep in a bra?

Yes. There is no medical reason not to do so. If your bra is too tight or the under wire is poking out then you shouldn't be wearing it in general, especially while sleeping. If it is a padded bra, sleeping in it may compress the padding and leave it wrinkled and misshapen.

How do you took off bra from girl?

If you don't know how a bra works, then you are not old enough to attempt to remove it from somebody.

Should you open brazier while sleeping?

Are you referring to your bra? There is no need to sleep in one, at all.

Should girls wear a bra at night?

yeah they can wear but it is better not to wear while sleeping.

How do you remove the bra of a girl?

You unhook it in the front or the back and then pull over the arms.

Why men remove girl bra?

because it turns them on and they want to know whats under it.

What happens when you go to sleep with a bra on?

Sleeping with a bra on can potentially be uncomfortable and restrict blood circulation. It may also cause irritation and rubbing against the skin, which can lead to chafing or rashes. It is generally recommended to remove your bra before sleeping to allow your breasts to relax and promote better sleep.

How can you remove a bra while sex?

While you are kissing you use your hands to undo the clip and slip it off your sholders.

Does sleeping with a bra make your breast stop growing?

No it does not. It's not good for them to sleep with a bra on though.

Dose sleeping with a bra on stop breast growth?


What do you call a girl with no bra on?

You call a girl with no bra on by her name. She is no different than a girl with a bra on, she is a person who made her own clothing choices.