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If u r sitting together with girl, then start touching her with your arm and if she doesn't remove her hand but has started to play with her hair then take your Thai touch with leg her and again if see is positive towards it, you may slightly touch her breast through arm.....if again not hesitate to talk about sex, but start talking about her life partner or boy friend..............once try............u will definitely get a chance to ...............

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It is important to remember that consent is key in any sexual encounter. Engage in open communication with the individual, ensure they are comfortable and willing, and always respect their boundaries. Prioritize building trust and establishing mutual respect before progressing to any intimate activities.

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Q: How do you ready unknown girl for sex?
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How do you know that girl is ready for sex?

try asking her, or moving a little farther and if she stops you then shes not ready.

Who is the blonde girl in the limpbizkit ready to go video?

The rock band Limp Bizkit did not release credits for their music video Ready To Go. At this time the girl's name is unknown.

Why you wish to be a girl n enjoy sex?

Well I'm a girl. And you can't. If they aren't ready to be then just accept it.

Iv'e seen all these questions 'when should I be ready to have sex' and 'How do I know when I'm ready or not' but my question is - is it okay to be ready for sex at 14?

yeah, i was asking too..till my friend had sex with a girl..( i am a boy ) and i am 14 and my friend is 14..did u try sexing?

How know that girl is ready for sex?

Ask her nicely. :P It's just that simple.

How do you convincegirl for a sex?

you cant convince a girl for sex. when she is ready she will tell you and it will just happen. you cant make her do anything she doesnt want to.

How do you ask a girl to sex you?

Simply wait for when you're ready to ask her. However, use protection.

How do you make a teenage girl ready for sex?

you cant make anybody ready they will be ready when they are ready you cant rush into stuff when a girl loses her virgity she cant take that back so you wanna wait till you find the right person so to finish it off you cant make anyone ready You can't make a teenage girl ready for sex. If she's somebody you're already dating and pretty serious then just ask her. If she says no you just have to wait. Don't try to pressure or persuade her. You just have to wait until she's ready to make that descision for herself. You cant make a teenage girl ready for sex you just have to wait intill she is ready. and if she gets pregnet it sucks for every one so if i were you i would CHILL!!!!!

How do you tell in online chat if they're a boy or a girl?

You can't. Age, sex and location are all always unknown.

How do you make girls for sex?

well if you love a girl, and you treat her right. the day will simply come. one day you'll both be ready for sex and it will be enjoyable and stress free for both of you. you can't force a girl into sex, it wouldn't be right.

Why is it hard for a girl to be satisfied when it comes to SEX?

well, it is not all about sex but sex is a combination of love and physical activities. Try to give her love through foreplay and then when she is ready for sex have a desent sex what she likes and try to satisfy her fully.

If you are 16 can you have a relationship with a 27 year old in Canada?

Yes. If you love each other. And if you feel ready go and have sex with the girl