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To reach Grizzleheim in Wizard101, first reach level 20. You have to be a crowns player or a subscriber, free-to-play wizards are not allowed to travel to Grizzleheim except for the quest in Olde Town. When you hit level 20, Merle Ambrose will call you to his office and gives you a quest to go speak to Bartleby and you will then be able to enter Bartleby and use the spiral door. Then you go to the spiral door, open it, then choose Grizzleheim and there ya go! You are in the land of warriors and bears. :)

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You would have needed to talk to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town at about level 3, or below. Higher is optional, but I recommend doing it right away, or before you gain level 20, which is when you unlock GH. Merle will summon you to his office to explore the lands of bears.

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i think it is in a tunel in grizzle him ethan giant hand

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Q: How do you reach Grizzleheim in Wizard101?
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When will grizzleheim be out?

If your talking about Wizard101 Then it will be out Sometime in the Beginning of June.

Where is bloodseeker in wizard101?

Bloodseeker is in boar camp. boar camp is in savaarstaad pass which is in grizzleheim. you get grizzleheim when you are lvl 20

Where is the Grizzleheim snack recipe vendor in Wizard101?

Hammund Vittlecrafter is the Grizzleheim snack recipe vendor and is located in Ravenscar.

Do you unlock ravenscar in grizzleheim on wizard101?

To complete all of the quests in Grizzleheim their is NO level units.Thats how

How do you get to ironsplinter on wizard101?

Ironsplinter is a boss in Grizzleheim, and to get to him you go into Sarvastaad Pass and to Ironsplinter's Forest.

When do you go to monkien keep in wizard101?

There is no such place in Wizard101. There is Mirkholm Keep, in Grizzleheim, and you must finish all the quests in Savarstaad Pass and Vigrid Roughland to access it.

How do you beat grizzleheim in wizard101?

you use your wonder stick of destiny that you get when you jerk off in front of master koko in the peanut kingdom to beat grizzleheim the cripled czhek republican seal. DUGH EVERY KNOWS THAT!

How do you get grizzlehiem in wizard101?

To get to Grizzleheim, you need to do a quest when you are a low level which involves trading between the two worlds Wizard City and Grizzleheim. After that when you are level 20, you can go there by using Bartleby but as long as you have enough crowns or have a subscription. Happy Wizarding! XD

What is a cheat for wizard101 to grow to level 20?

There aren't any codes for that; you need to purchase a membership and battle and do quests before you can return to Grizzleheim.

What are the cities in wizard101?

the cities are sunken city, wizard city, celestia, mooshu, grizzleheim, krokotopia, dragonspyre, wysteria, zafaria, wintertusk, and marleybone.

Do you need to have membership to get into grizzleheim on wizard101?

yes you have to be a member and a 20 level wizard

Where can you find red mandrake in wizard101?

Wizard City Colossus Boulevard Cyclops Lane Haunted Cave Nightside Sunken City Grizzleheim Helgrind Warren