How do you re glaze a tile floor?

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Since glazing is done through a firing process, you cannot practically re glaze floor tile.

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2009-11-05 04:14:37
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Q: How do you re glaze a tile floor?
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Can you re glaze floor tile?

I wouldn't think so. Floor tile is glazed in a furnace at several thousand degrees - hard to duplicate when the tile is already installed on a floor in a house.

Is reglazing tile and repainting tile the same thing?

It takes about 1400 degrees to fuse glaze to a tile, so I doubt anyone is really glazing your floor tile. More likely its an epoxy or some other sticky 2 part paint system, but it isn't glaze!

Can you put a glaze over an existing white ceramic tile floor?

No, since glaze is a process that requires it to be fired. There are professionals who use an epoxy on glazed ceramic to change colors if that is what you want to achieve.

How do you cure a painted tile?

varnish or glaze it?

How do you tell whether the ceramic tile with or without glaze?

The way to tell if a ceramic tile has glaze or not is to look at it and touch it. An unglazed tile witll have a rough feel and dull look to it. A glazed one will have a shiny look and feel smooth.

Can you re glaze and re fire a ceramic?


How apply wax to a tile floor?

There is no reason to wax a tile floor.

Where can one purchase floor tile adhesive?

There are many places you can buy floor tile adhesive online and offline. Many DIY shops and floor tile suppliers sell floor tile adhesive instore and online.

Floor Tile Installation?

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How much should be allowed for waste in floor tile?

what is the waste allowance with floor tile

How much does it cost to remove marble tile on the floor?

cost to remove tile floor

What is the difference between a wall tile and a floor tile?

wall tiles are used on walls. floor tiles are used on floors. if you want to interchange. you can make the wall tile as floor tile and vice-versa

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