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You just hold down an app, and then drag it down or wherever you want it to go.

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Q: How do you put your apps on the bottom of the screen on the iPod touch?
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Can you play ipod touch apps on any touch screen mp3 player?

No, you cannot. iPod touch apps will only work with an iPod Touch or iPhone - no other touch screen mp3 player.

What application is on the iPod Touch advert?

If you have an iPod touch or iPhone, apps from the TV are in App Store> Featured (bottom of the screen)> What's Hot (top of the screen)> Staff Favorites (end of the list)> Apps from iPhone TV Ads

How do you get to your apps on iPod touch?

apps are just on the screen when you turn it on.

Can you get apps on your tiny iPod touch how do you do it?

If it is an ipod touch nano then no you cant you have to have a big screen ipod touch

Can you get 5 apps in the bottom of the screen of your iPod touch?

arent 4 just enough hahaha no you cant

Are the square iPod nanos be like a iPod touch?

They do have a touch screen, but they don't do apps.

How many apps can fit on a ipod touch screen?

16 apps per page

What is the difference between the iPod touch and i phones?

An Ipod touch is an Ipod with a touch screen and lots of apps. The Iphone also has a touch screen and lots of apps, but is slightly thicker and is a mobile phone and can make and receive calls texts, etc. Basically, the Ipod touch is an Iphone without the phone bit.

How do you add aps to ipod touch?

If you mean apps, then there's a button on the bottom of the screen that says 'app store' on it. Hope this helped.

What is the iPod touch?

An iPod touch is a touch screen ipod that you can play games and email for FREE!, you can download free apps or even buy new ones

Can iPod Touch screen run out?

Yes, I believe the Backlight in my iPod Touch has also degraded as I can only just about see the apps on my screen as it is extremely dark.

Whats the difference with iPod Touch?

The difference is that an iPod touch is a touch screen and a regular iPod does not have apps and u cant put apps on a regular iPod any other questions if so ask me or send a message to me on thiss website.