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Facebook updated it's policy so now you can't change your name to add symbols anymore.

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2010-12-30 01:28:25
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Q: How do you put symbols in your facebook user-name?
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How do you put Symbols in you Zwinky Username such as?

you cant

How do you save your username on Facebook?

how to save username on facebook

What is the longest username on Facebook?

There is Facebook page with the Longest Username than any other:ThisIsTheLongestUsernameOnThisSocialNetworkForSure

Do you need to have a username on Facebook to get Facebook timeline?


What is a Facebook username?

A Facebook Username is for your "special" page URL. Say if you used "Waffles" as your username (if it was available) your Facebook URL would be "", also, you can use your username in place of your email when you sign in.

Can you use symbols on Facebook?

Yes, you can use symbols on Facebook.

How do you get on Facebook without an email address?

That 's possible.. You can get on to Facebook with your facebook username. If you have not facebook username, you can make it now. First go to Account beside of Profile and go to account settings. Then you will see Username in it. Then click change and you can make your user name there.

What is will smith's facebook username?


What is the username on Facebook?

your email address.

What is Facebook username?

It is the name that Facebook members choose to be known as on the site.

How do you put your picture on your profile near your username?

You must link it to Google or Twitter or Facebook and then uses your Profile Picture.

How do you change username on Facebook mob wars?

You can change username by following below steps given on website below.

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